Productivity workshop

Mgr. Marcel Pavlík
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business owners and CEO, top management
3 days
Najbližšie termíny:
18.06. - 20.06. 2021, Košice
14.07. - 16.07. 2021, Košice
12.08. - 14.08. 2021, Košice
17.09. - 19.09. 2021, Košice
19.10. - 21.10. 2021, Košice
04.11. - 06.11. 2021, Košice
02.06. - 04.06. 2021, Nitra
27.08. - 29.08. 2021, Nitra
06.10. - 08.10. 2021, Nitra
10.12. - 12.12. 2021, Nitra
1399,- € bez DPH

Základné informácie

This seminar is tailor-made for business owners, executive directors and management staff of the firm. Special emphasis is placed on practical application of information learned. The data presented on the seminar comes exclusively from practice. All the presented knowledge has been verified by years of real-life experience and used by successful business entities all over the world. 


  • What must a boss do and what must he avoid to keep able people on the team? Is money enough? 
  • Why do juniors lose their dedication for work? Why do they work for you in the first place? 
  • How to regain the enthusiasm you had years ago? How to “start yourself up” again? 
  • Why am I even working? Do I have to, or am I having fun? 
  • I am doing all I can for my juniors and they don’t care. Why is that? 
  • Should the boss be afraid of extremely able people? Why do able people leave? 
  • How to discover the source of trouble for the company with absolute certainty? 
  • Am I a good boss? Am I solving the problems of my juniors, or are they solving mine? 
  • What is the result of work of the manager? 
  • What should the boss do to be better and more effective than yesterday? 
  • What strategy should I implement to protect my VIP customers? 
  • How can the boss determine if he should (or must) take on more workforce? 
  • How to hire people correctly? 
  • What should the business owner be paid for? What are his duties and rights? 
  • What is the difference between a business owner and an executive director? 
  • How to train someone to do your job as well as you? 
  • How to delegate duties and rights correctly? 
  • What should the boss do with a junior who has no results? And what to do with the best ones? 
  • How to find the focus point of trouble in the company? 
  • Why do I have to keep working for more than eight hours a day? Is it possible to be more effective? 
  • Does my organizing structure make any sense? Am I certain it would guarantee survival of my company even in times of change? 
  • What activities should a company be doing to survive well? 
  • What are the foundations that enable the company to survive for more than a hundred years? 
  • How to build subsidiaries? What is the right time to start a new activity? 
  • Why does gross income drop at the worst possible time? How to predict a drop? 

Seminar results: A trained attendee who knows a compact philosophy of management and methods of managerial know-how. He is familiar with major phenomena affecting the motivation of juniors and knows how to apply them in life. He can organize the company, can define the results of work for every junior, can assign correct statistics, can create communication lines and can bring his department or company to flawless operation. The attendee will receive information on how to handle those areas of work life which cause him trouble. He will compare his own work style with professional principles of owners of successful and prosperous companies which have been on the market for many years. 

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